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Sports Information

NOTICE: The St Johns Middle School Athletic Association (“SJMSAA”) middle school sports program is not operated or sponsored by the St Johns County School District. SJMSAA is an independent, private non-profit corporation, which uses District middle school names and facilities under a license agreement with the District, and which is solely responsible for the operation of the SJMSAA middle school sports program and its individual teams.


SMS interscholastic application

 fhsaa physical form




Sebastian Middle School Athletics

Coach Whittaker is in charge of our School Athletic Teams. Those teams are as follows: Volleyball, Cross Country, Basketball, Track/Field. Please reach out to her with any questions or concerns.

Coach Razey is in charge of ALL OTHER SPORTS TEAMS. Please contact him via email with any player concerns or questions about the teams.

Boys’ Basketball January- March
Girls’ Basketball January- March
Cross Country September Coach Hagy / Coach Gray
Dance September- March
Boys’ & Girls’ Volleyball September-March

 Coach Lightsey / Coach Browning /

Coach Link

 Baseball  Spring– – Liaison
 Cheerleading  Fall– – Liaison
 Football– – Liaison
 Golf–  – Liaison
 Soccer  Winter–  – Liaison
 Softball  Spring–  – Liaison
 Tennis  Spring–  – Liaison

*NOTICE: The St. Johns Middle School Athletic Association (SJMSAA) middle school sports program is not operated or sponsored by the St. Johns County School District. SJMSAA is an independent, private non-profit corporation, which used District middle school names and facilities under a license agreement with the District, and which is solely responsible for the operation of the SJMSAA middle school sports program and its individual teams. Information on this organization can be found at