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Information about the SMS Cafeteria

This page will provide you with information about our school cafeteria. The links to the right will let you know the school menu’s as well as information on our cafeteria’s latest inspection by the health inspectors. Please feel free to check back periodically to see what exciting news the cafeteria has!

HOW DOES THE STUDENT ACCESS THEIR MEAL ACCOUNT AT THE SCHOOL? All students will receive a personal identification number (PIN) for their meal account from the food service manager at school start up. This can range from a three to five digit number. Your student should memorize this number and not share with any other students as this number is directly tied to their personal account. Your student will use this PIN number until he/she leaves that school. When the student moves to middle or a high school, a new number is assigned. Student Identification Scanners are used at some of the elementary, middle, and high schools and must be used to access their account. Please check with your student.

FORGOT YOUR LUNCH MONEY? Although students are to pay for their meal upon receipt, students may forget their lunch or lunch money. Each school has a policy, as established by the Principal, and the Food Service Manager as to what can be charged. In most cases your student will be allowed to charge up to one meal. There will be no charging of any a la carte food items to include entrees and snacks.

 Breakfast $1.25  ~ Lunch $2.95.

    Reduced Breakfast/Lunch price

(if eligible) is  .40¢.

Papa John’s pizza available Tuesdays

for $2.50 a slice. 


ALA CARTE ITEMS: Sebastian Middle School provides extra Ala Carte items, such as ice cream, baked chips, fruit juice in addition to many specialty items. These items range in price from $.60 to $3.50 and are not included in the free and reduced price meal program.

PARENTAL RESTRICTIONS: Restrictions can be placed on your student’s meal account.
Once restrictions are placed, they cannot be removed unless the parent provides the food service manager with a letter asking for the restrictions to be removed.

Please Note

St. Johns County School District Please contact the Food Service Managers at your child's school if you have specific menu questions.

The Food & Nutrition Services Department is experiencing unprecedented issues with the supply chain. These supply chain issues are causing us to alter posted menus with little to no notice.

The supply chain issues are caused by multiple factors including labor and material shortages across all phases of production, transportation, manufacturing and distribution.

We are working closely with our distributors and manufacturers to secure both the food and supply items needed to support our program and offer the level of service we are accustomed to providing.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.