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Schoology Information

Schoology is a secure online program that serves as a central hub for learning. Teachers can create, manage and share information and resources with their students. Students using Schoology can get class assignments, link to readings and guides selected by their teacher, collaborate with classmates, take tests and quizzes, and work on self-paced learning activities.

Here at Sebastian, all teachers will be posting Daily Board Agendas (DBAs) to ensure all students and parents know what is being taught in the classroom.  Parents will be given login information.

Schoology Link

How to access Schoology: Click here

For a tutorial PDF, please click here.

Schoology Parent Guide

Is Schoology having issues??

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  • How do I get my parent access code?
    – Email Ms. Conrad at: [email protected]
  • How do I send a message to a teacher?
    – Make sure that you are in the parent account (top right) and then click on the envelope.  Start typing the teachers last name to populate the email address.
  • Are there notifications that I can receive?
    – Yes! Go to the top right hand corner and click the down arrow > Settings >turn them on/off and > Save Changes
  • Where does my student check in to class?
    – After they click the appropriate course, there is a link that says ATTENDANCE.
  • Where do I find assignment grades?
    – Go to COURSES > select the course > go to the left hand side >select Grades (Cumulative Grades for the course can be found on HAC)
  • Where does my student find their assignments?
    – They click on the course > go to the left hand side>Materials. Current weeks coursework is in the colored folder.