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Sebastian Middle School - Faculty & Staff

** Email addresses for Staff can be found in HAC.


Ms. Kirstie Gabaldon – Principal

Ms. Jennifer Gamble – Assistant Principal

Ms. Solana –
Confidential Secretary/Bookkeeper

Mr. Hayes – Dean of Students

Mr. Hardee – Food Service Manager

Mr. Ponce – Maintenance Manager

Office Staff:

Ms. Willey – Computer Operator
Ms. Conrad – Guidance Secretary 
Ms. Chakieda Finster –  Front Office 

Support Staff:

Ms. Colvin – School Nurse

Mr. Suminski – Tech Specialist

Guidance Department:

Ms. Fortune – Guidance Counselor 
Mr. Tagliarini – Guidance Counselor
Ms. Smith – ILC Coach
Ms. Hof  – Testing Coordinator
Ms. Trosclair – Math Coach
Ms. Goldberg – ISD Secretary
Ms. Arnold – Gifted Consultative Teacher

English Language Arts Department:

Mr Jansen –  English Language Arts
Ms. Huerkamp-Giacosa –  English Language Arts
Ms. Mason –  English Language Arts
Ms. Kirby-Allie – English Language Arts
Ms. Hartley – ELA

Math Department:

Ms. Clark – Math
Mr. McCoy – Math
Mr. O’Neil – Math
Ms. Propst – Math
Ms. Freiberg – Math

Science Department:

Ms. Harvey – Science
Ms. Ridilla – Science
Mr. Kuppe – Science
Mr. Kassay – Science
Mr. Schreck – Science
Mr. Narcisse – Science

Social Studies Department:

Mr. Dunn – Social Studies
Mr. Stevens – Civics
Ms. Hensel – Social Studies
Ms. Woolsey – Social Studies
Ms. Hughes – Social Studies
Ms. Morris – Social Studies

Electives / Resources:

Ms. Hagy – Art
Ms.  King – Art

Ms. Trosclair – Drama

Media Center:
Ms. Barnard – Media Specialist
Ms. Dempsey – Media Paraprofessional

Ms. Munafo – Music

Physical Education:
Ms. Lightsey – Physical Education
Mr. Razey – Physical Education
Mr. Monsanto – Physical Education

Ms. Clauson- Spanish

Mr. Portales

Exceptional Student Education:

Ms. Brewster – Access Teacher
Mr. Atkinson – VE L/A Support
Ms. Weedman –  Access Paraprofessional
Ms. Long –  Access Teacher
Ms. Moody – Access Paraprofessional
Ms. Marimpietri – Paraprofessional
Ms. Curet – Speech Therapist
Ms. Diaz – VE L/A Support
Ms. Torboli – VE L/A Support
Ms. Cody – VE Math Support
Ms. Geraghty – Access Teacher
Ms. Hickman – Access Paraprofessional
Ms. Barnes – VE Math Support
Ms. Sims – Access Paraprofessional