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SMS Yearbook

Pre-Purchased yearbooks will be available /distributed on Friday May 27th during lunches.

You may also purchase a yearbook for $35.00 cash or check beginning on May 27th, during lunches.

***Yearbooks will be available until they are sold out.***

Pictavo Community is a secure online portal for students, teachers, parents, grandparents and community members to connect with their school.

More information.....

You can also upload your pictures to our
 🎉Pictavo Community 🎉!
Click this link  to find our school. Once you create an account and verify it (the email can end up in your junk folder so look for it!), you can upload your pictures!
Pictures have been organized into folders. Please make sure to tag the kids involved and put your pictures into the proper folder!
You can use this ANYTIME you get pictures of the students! Everyone is invited to submit photos!