Staff Directory

Names of teachers and staff are placed in alphabetical order, by last name, for your convenience.

Name Email Department
Allen, Akeia [email protected] Science
Badger, Kristen [email protected] Media Specialist
Baldwin, Jeff [email protected] Maintenance Manager
Barber, Carlton [email protected] ESE
Barbour, Jay [email protected] Literacy Coach
Bautz, Briget [email protected] Receptionist
Open Attendance/Computer Operator
Bennett, Tammy [email protected] ICT teacher
Johnson. Tamika [email protected] Reading
Bradshaw, Becky [email protected] Science Support
Brewster, Cathy [email protected] ESE
Churchill, Marilee [email protected] Language Arts/Reading
Cody, Margaret [email protected] Science
Cooper, Pamela [email protected] Language Arts/Reading
Corpus, Lois [email protected] Paraprofessional
Colvin, Rebecca [email protected] School Nurse
Curet, Karen [email protected] Speech Therapist
Colakoglu, Mikel [email protected] Art
Dempsey, Heather [email protected] Media Para
Ducote, Kate [email protected] ESE Support
Dunn, Robert [email protected] Social Studies
Esguerra, Theresa [email protected] ESE Support
Fortune, Leanne [email protected] Guidance Counselor A-L
Fusco, Angela [email protected] Guidance Counselor M-Z
Hensley, Angela [email protected] Assistant Principal
Giacosa, Natalie [email protected] Language Arts
Link,Lauren [email protected] Math
Hagenbuch-Reese, Debbie [email protected] Social Studies
Hagy, Heather [email protected] Art
Hardee, Mike [email protected] Cafeteria Manager
Hartley, Debbie [email protected] Virtual Education
Harvey, Kristina [email protected] Science
Hayes, Kevin [email protected] Social Studies
Hensel, Kathy [email protected] Social Studies
Hernandez, Luie [email protected] Bookkeeper/Secretary
Hodges,Matt [email protected] Test Coordinator
Huffman, Bernie [email protected] Math
Johnson, Chassity [email protected] Math
King, Wayne [email protected] Principal
Lewis, Leah [email protected] Youth Resource Deputy
Lightsey, Cheyenne [email protected] Physical Education
Cullar, Tina [email protected] Language Arts
Lydigsen, Teri [email protected] Social Studies & AVID
Marimpietri.Michael [email protected] Information Technology
Marimpietri, Linda [email protected] Guidance Sec
Mathis, Rachel [email protected] Science
McCaleb, Roz [email protected] Math
McCoy, Tracy [email protected] Math
Pardo, Kristi [email protected] Language Arts Support
Pearrow, Tom [email protected] Science
Pruitt, Kelvin [email protected] Dean
Rogers, Chuck [email protected] Music
Romano, Allison [email protected] Language Arts
De Castro, Avilette [email protected] Spanish
Walker, Jessica Ray [email protected] STEAM
Davis, Morgan [email protected] Math
Razey, Chad [email protected] PE Coach
Rogers, David [email protected] Chorus
Solana, Christie [email protected] Secretary/Book Keeper
Steiner,Kerstin [email protected] Language Arts
Waters, Jordyn [email protected] Language Arts
Watson, Nancy [email protected] Science
Weedman, Cindy [email protected] Paraprofessional