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Angela Fusco – students with the last name M-Z      ([email protected])     (904)547-3848 

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St. Johns County Schools have guidance departments in each one of it’s schools. Our counselors’ statement of guidance philosophy is as follows: ST. JOHNS COUNTY GUIDANCE OBJECTIVES We believe and adhere to:

  • The work, dignity, and uniqueness of the student.
  • Respect for and acceptance of the student as he/she comes to us with the values of his/her social and cultural environment.
  • The students capacity for self-actualization, self-determination, and self-discipline.
  • Provide significant and holistic counseling techniques for the maximum potential of students.
  • Guidance as an integral part of creating life-long leaders and global citizens.
  • Guidance services for students that are primarily developmental and preventative.
  • A guidance program which is supportive to the total school curriculum.
  • Cooperative relationship involving school, home, and community.
  • The constant striving of counselors for improvement and professional growth in order to facilitate this philosophy.